The 01-day workshop of the Zonal Coordination Committee Central Zone-2 (M.P. & Chhattisgarh) by Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi was organized on 20 March 2021 at Manovikas College of Special Education, Sector-9, Jawahar Nagar, Ujjain. The program was Inauguration by lighting the lamp and praying in sign language by the trainees. The Chief Guest of the program is Bishop Dr. Sebastian Vadakkel, Patron, Manovikas College, Ujjain. Mr. Dipankar Banerjee, Zonal Coordinator , Central Zone-2 (M.P. & Chatti), Mr. Manish Tiwari, Convener, Central Zone-2 (M.P. & Chatti), Mr. Mr.Ahtiesham Uddin, Sports Director, SOB MP was present. All the members provided their invaluable time during the entire program. Academic Director Dr. Prem Chhabra thanked all the Guests.

All work together by Bishopji and congratulated the awareness program and said that special education should be emphasized in the new education policy.

Rehabilitation Council of India was introduced by Mr. Ahtiesham Uddin at the beginning of the technical phase. The objective, importance, what are the rules of rehabilitation council of India for the training institute and they said that it is mandatory for vocational trainers to take code in the rehabilitation council of India, if not legally said crime. Father Tom George, Director, Manovikas College related to the same subject expressed their thoughts and experiences about the Rehabilitation Council of India and Mr. Manish Tiwari told about the importance of Indian Rehabilitation and the experience of working with Rehabilitation Council of India. All participants were given time to answer questions.

In the second phase Mr. Shivam Rai, Mrs. Yogita Sharma and Mrs. Renu Devi, Assistant Professor,  Manovikas College, Ujjain had discussed in detail the purpose and objectives of RPWD Act 2016 so that the person with disabilities can become self-reliant and also connect them with the mainstream. Their laws were also discussed in detail.

The lecture of the resource was delivered in sign language by Mrs. Megha Tiwari, Lecturer Manovikas College.

The program was concluded with activities based on obstacles in the lifestyle of PwDs and distribution of certificates to all the participants participating in the program.

The program was coordinated by Mrs. Yogita Sharma, Ms. Parveena, Mrs. Renu Devi, Mr. Govind Chhaparwal and the academic and non-academic staff of Manovikas College made the program successful.

The program was conducted by Mr. Govind Chhaparwal and Ms. Sarabjit Kaur,  Manovikas College. The program was appreciated by Mr. Gaurav Agrawal. 

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