International Women’s Day was organized by Manovikas College of Special Education, Ujjain on 08/03/2021 at Chakor Park Maxi Road, Ujjain. The program was started by Dr. (Smt.) Satinder Kaur Saluja, Gynecologist was honored by visiting her workplace by Father Tom George, Director of Manovikas College, Dr. Prem Chhabra, Academic Director, Manovikas College, Staff and students.

The program started with a prayer in Chakor Park. Professor (Mrs.) Sudha Mall, retired, Botany and coordinator, microbiology, Vikram University, Ujjain welcomed and introduced by Dr. Prem Chhabra, Academic Director, Manovikas College, Ujjain. Address on Women Empowerment was given by Mrs. Sudha Mall. 

The song was presented by the college trainee Neelu Sharma. The college trainees staged a biography of Geeta Chauhan, a dowry system, a dramatization of the acid victim Laxmi’s biography. Lecture on Womens Empowerment was given by Mrs. Sarabjit Kaur, Lecturer, Manovikas College, Mrs. Asha Pandaya, Assistant Professor, Manovikas College and the poem was recited by Mrs. Megha Tiwari, lecturer, Manovikas College. The program was conducted by Mrs. Yogita Sharma, Assistant Professor, Manovikas College. The final episode of the program was thanked by Ms. Jyoti Kamble, Manovikas College, Ujjain.