The answer to this question lies in this census number that there are 78,64,636 disabled boys and girls in our country whose age is to go to school and study. According to UNESCO, there are 75% children with disabilities who do not go to school in India.

It is a matter of concern of the whole society whether the amount of mental, physical emotional development of all these disabled boys and girls is so low that they cannot be increased in the direction of learning? Whatever little or more abilities there are in handicapped children, they can be made useful for the society by using them.

This is possible only when there is a large number of teachers trained in special education. In order to fulfill this objective, special B.Ed., teacher training was started in Manovikas Special Education College, Ujjain in 2015. run by M.P.Viklang Sahayata Samiti, Ujjain recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) New Delhi and affiliated to Vikram University, Ujjain.

The following courses of teaching training are conducted in the Manovikas College of Special Education :-

B.Ed. (M.R/I.D.), D.Ed. (M.R./I.D.) and D.Ed. (Deafblind)

Manovikas Special Education College, Ujjain has trained faculty, well equipped classrooms, modern library, computer lab, special school for training, balanced online and offline teaching, online sign language classes, job placement and counseling, barrier free environment etc.

Special B.Ed. The goal of training is to train teachers for teaching in normal schools, special schools and inclusive schools. The goal of teacher training courses after special education is to develop the inherent abilities of special children, continuous effort to prepare them at par with normal children, to connect with the general mainstream of the society and to generate a positive attitude of the society towards special children.