30 days basic Sign Language Training Program

Sign language – Language commonly used by persons with hearing impairment for communication. One should know basic of sing language to communicate with persons with hearing impairment

When you learn sign language and practice it, it can actually help you with all aspects of communication; even children who aren’t hearing impaired can benefit from it if they use it during their early development years. Here are 5 ways sign language helps communication.

  1. Sign Language is Good for Your Brain: Learning something new keeps your brain sharp.
  2. Learning Sign Language Improves Your Expressive Communication: When you sign, you not only express the words, but feelings too.
  3. Improved Interpretation of Body Language in General: A study showed that people who use sign language have an improved ability to read body language.
  4. Sign Language Reduces Frustration of our brothers and sisters who are hearing impairment
  5. Sign Language Helps You Communicate with Anyone who has hearing impairment
  6. Sign language improves person’s ability to relate, engage and establish meaningful interaction.
  7. Sign language develops stronger relationship between people with hearing impairment and people no impairment.
  8. In Schools Sign language is becoming part of syllabus adding future vision according to the New Education Policy 2020.

  • No age bar
  • Open for All

If believes in the principle of inclusive society,

believes that communicating with the brothers and sisters with hearing impairment is important  then you can join.