Acquire knowledge & skills about nature and educational needs of children with specific disability.

Develop conceptual understanding of education provisions and skills for working with children with various disabilities in Special and inclusive settings.

Acquire knowledge & skills about human development, contemporary Indian education, and pedagogy of various school subjects and assessment for learning.

Enhance knowledge and skills for professional development.

Develop communication and language abilities of the child (e.g., Total Communication, calendars, objects, pictures, augmentative and alternative communication devices, words imprint and Braille).

Understand the areas of child development and how deafblindness and vision with additional disabilities (e.g., Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism) impact normal development.

Make appropriate transition and vocational plans for the adult lives.

To prepare special teachers who can provide services to special children to pre-vocational levels in the following settings:

¤  Early intervention Programmes               

¤  Special Schools – Day Care/Residential

¤  Integrated \ Inclusive Schools                  

¤  Home Based Programmes

¤ Pre-vocational Programmes                     

¤  Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes