Manovikas College of Special Education (MCSE), Ujjain organized two days 27 and 28 March 2023, Training programme on Sign Language and Communication.

The programme was inaugurated by resource persons Dr. Renuka V.N., Sign Language Interpreter and founder of Family Care NGO Coimbatore. Shri Arun C. Rao., Head of training and Marketing Bangalore, Shri Gyanendra Purohit, Sign Language Expert, Mr. Satish Gautam, General Secretary, Deaf Cricket Association, M.P., Mr. Atul Rathore and Priyanka Sahu also present. 

The programme started with the lighting of lamp and chanting of prayer. Fr. Tom George, Director, MCSE welcomes with uparn to Dr. Arun C. Rao. Dr. Prem Chhabra, Academic Director welcomes with uparn to Dr. Renuka V. N. Introduction of resource person given by Ms Trapti Saraswat, Asstt. Professor, MCSE

Dr. Renuka V.N. described with PPT presentation about sign language and what is communication in sign language and what are the major consideration about sign language along with milestone of language development. Dr. Renuka V.N. taught to all trainees our daily basic sentences in sign language. Shri Arun C. Rao took the practical session with interaction to all the trainees. All trainees learnt sign which they used in daily life by the group activity.

They taught to trainees many sign which they used in their daily life as like week name, fruits name, month name, greeting and emotions.

100 trainee along with MCSE staff attended the Program. Anchoring of the programme given by Mr. Shivam Rai, Asstt. Professor, MCSE. Vote of thanks of both resource persons has been given by Dr. Prem Chhabra, Academic Director, MCSE and she appreciate the both session that you not only taught the sign language to our student but also how to make trainees active for their learning.

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  1. It was very interesting, fruitful and imformative sessions. Learnt so many will helpful to communicate with deaf students .

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