Manovikas College of Special Education, Ujjain, organized a workshop related to the cleanliness requirements for the disabled on 20/01/2023 in the Mother Teresa Hall located in the college campus.

Providing information about the workshop, Mrs. Hemangi Parashar said that the above program is to highlight the importance to the parents, care workers and special teachers of Divyangjan to maintain their cleanliness under the “Special Campaign 2.0” of the Government of India. For this purpose, the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), New Delhi was inspired to do this work through organizations working in the field of disability.

MCSE Director Fr. Tom George and Academic Director Dr. Prem Chhabra ji invited as a speaker in the program Dr. Vaibhav Jain, Dentist, Dr. Satinder Kaur Saluja, Gynecologist and Dr. Jitendra Bhatnagarji, Orthopedist was welcomed by providing materials prepared by the differently-abled students. Thereafter, in the first session many important information was provided by Dr. Vaibhav Jain on the subject of dental hygiene through a powerpoint presentation.

In the next sequence, Dr. Satinder Kaur Saluja presented detailed information on gynaecological diseases and hygiene on the topic “Girl Hygiene”. She discusses and presented all the steps of menstrual hygiene.  

Dr. Jitendra Bhatnagar provided information on how body / bone related diseases can be avoided by correct body posture through a power point presentation.

All the parents and teachers took advantage of this information and the problems related to their care were also solved. There were 100 participants participated in workshop. 70% of parents attended actively.

Parents, special teachers, care workers, all professors and B.Ed./D.Ed. Trainees were also present.

Staff members of Manovikas College Smt. Yogita Sharma, Smt. Manjusha Dey introduced experts in the program and Vote of thanks was proposed by Ku. Trapti Saraswat. The program was coordinated Ms Parveena and anchoring by Mr. Govind Chhaparwal. Technical support was done by Mrs. Poonam Gangele and Mr. Nitesh Nagar.