One Day  Refresher  training program  for teachers   was organized  at St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School Mahidpur  District Ujjain by Manovikas College of special Education Ujjain on 16th June  2022. 50 teachers teaching in the school profited from the session.  Fr George Vadakel  the manager welcomed  all recourse personals and explained the need to renew our knowledge  in accordance with the need of time . Sr. Ranjana the principal, St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary school also was present.  Fr Tom George Director Manovikas College of special Education , Assistant Professors,  Mrs Hemangi Parashar and Miss Trapti Saraswat   were the resource persons of the day.

Explaining the Universal Design for learning, Miss Tripti Saraswat said that educational and learning needs of the students must be assessed before we make educational plan for the students. One size does not fit for all. Universal Design for Learning is a concept that aims at including every child in the learning process of the classroom.  UDL aims at creating a learning atmosphere in which every student learns and succeeds.  it is to respect all learning styles of the student . the learning need of every student is respected and dealt with.

Mrs Hemangi Parashar talked on ‘Effective Teaching Learning Concepts’.  Learning is one of the functions of the Brain. There are different areas of the brain and all the activities of the body are controlled by   the brain. There are three domains of learning; cognitive, Experiential and affective.  Under the cognitive domain we form concepts and in the experiential domain application of the knowledge and affective domain is the generalization, affliction and formation of new concepts  

Fr Tom George emphasized that teacher should create interest for learning in the minds of the students.  learning is a process which changes our way of thinking. Classroom teaching must be related to day today life.  The teacher should have Goal to achieve.  Goal setting is a very important step in the teaching activity.

The session came to an end by 3.30pm. All   teachers   appreciated the one day program. Fr George Vadakel the Manager proposed vote of thanks.