Student of B.Ed. and D.Ed. of Manovikas College of Special Education, Ujjain was visited Eco Friendly Home. During the visit, the Director of the college Father Tom George, Academic Director, Dr. Prem Chhabra and all the teachers were also present.
Everyone was welcomed by environmentalist Dr. Harish Vyas, Professor, Government Kalidas Girls Postgraduate College, Ujjain and told by him that plants have to be saved so that we can take pure oxygen in future. It has become very important to protect the plants by making them friendly. You told how vegetables are grown at home, how electricity is generated from solar system, how temperature is controlled by planting plants in the Eco Friendly Home in all seasons. Gave three slogans to the trainees – our vegetables, our electricity and come back now. Through this, the message of being connected with nature was given.

Dr. Alka Vyas was also present on this occasion.